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My favorite shot from the Tranquil Living NY shoot:


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Street Fare

taken w/ iphone.

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I am somewhat picnic-obsessed. Dining outdoors (al fresco!), or in unusual places (a roof, by the ocean, middle of the living room, on top of a parked car…) is always preferable to a kitchen or dining table.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t class it up. There has to be wine, and some sort of difficult-to-pronounce cheese, and serving utensils, and cups, and even plates. Not paper. There also has to be a blanket, and perchance something else to sit upon.

This is an awful lot of gear. But WHAM. Look what I just found.


I feel like I’m a pretty reasonable person. Definitely not a douchebag. Definitely not a tool. But something about this decidedly yuppie item makes me giddy. I could put candles on it, rest the glasses and wine bottles on it so they don’t topple over in the soft earth, keep the crawlies off of my plate… I’m pretty sure I need this.

How picturesque my little picnic would be! Now to check out the coordinating tablecloths….errr… i mean… just kidding.

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